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Head Quarter and Shin-ying plant of Taiwan

        The head quarter and chemical products production base are located in Sing-ying District, Tainan City. The plant covers 51 hectares and has manufature and business units.

 Domestic Chemical Industrial Products

 Food grade materials

 Industrial grade materials

 Domestic Chemical Products - Applications in Semiconductor, Bio-chemicals, Panel and Solar

Vietnam Business Group and Joint Venture Company

 Vietnam Business Group


Founded in 1992 (jointly operated with Saigon Tourism Bureau, Vietnam)

GIA PHU PACKAGING CO.,LTD.(Corrugated Containers and Boxes)

Founded in 1994

Minh Phu CO.,LTD(Corrugated Containers and Boxes)

Founded in 1999

Ji Phu Paper CO.,LTD(Corrugated Containers and Boxes)

Founded in 2009

LIWEN CO.,LTD(Corrugated Containers and Boxes)

Established in 2013 and incorporated into TPPC business group in 2018

 Joint Venture Company

Zhengyang Paper Mill Liability Co., Ltd.

Official operation in 2007

 Viet Nam Golf & Country Club:

Joint venture with Ho Chi Minh Municipal Government to develop golf courses and villas


Villa lakeside

36-hole Golf Course

Night course

 Viet Nam Corrugated Containers:

Cartons and shoeboxes of various specifications for export and local manufacturers


Color printing

Automatic paste machine

Ink matching