Corporate Governance > Major Policies

Charter of Nominating Committee 2020-01-17
Procedures for endorsement of funds 2019-10-21
Code of Practice for Corporate Governance 2019-06-17
Processing procedures for acquisition and disposition of assets 2019-06-17
Articles of Association 2019-06-17
Code of Good Faith for Companies 2019-06-04
Standard Operating Procedures for Dealing with Directors' Requirements 2019-02-21
Law on the Inspection of Unlawful, unethical and dishonest Behaviors of Companies 2018-12-28
The Policy of TPPC Safeguarding Human Rights 2018-12-28
Operational Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading Management 2018-09-21
Organizational Rules of the Remuneration Commission 2017-12-29
Rules on the Category of Duties of Independent Directors 2017-11-17
Organizational Rules of the Audit Committee 2017-11-17
Rules of procedure of the Board of Directors 2017-11-17
Method of Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors 2017-08-25
Director Selection Procedure 2017-07-19
Corporate ethical code of conduct 2015-11-16
Rules of Procedure for Shareholders' Meetings 2015-10-27